A day in Huilliche territory

An immersion in the local culture

This unique adventure will take you to one of the most unknown corners of the Lake District. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the local Huilliche culture and the wild and windy coasts of the south Pacific Ocean.

This is a perfect combination of a morning of hiking while enjoyng sea landscapes, followed by an afternoon of sharing with a Huilliche community. You will lear about their history, music, medicine and cuisine.

Destination: Hulliche community of Quechalen Aitue (Pargua Alto).
Length: Full Day
Difficulty Level: Low
– Visit to the Huilliche community of Quechalen Aitue
– Cuisine, ancestral medicine, history and cultural interaction with the community
– First Hand testimony about Mapuches in Chile.
– Soft hike in the temperate rainforest
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Meals: Cooking demonstration with a local family.
Equipment suggested: Waterprooof gear, hat and sunscreen

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