BirdsChile, Inspired by Nature

We offer a wide range of birding and nature trips, trekking, photography tours and family adventures with a wildlife and naturalist orientation. Local culture plays also an essential role in our programmes.

Our staff of naturalists guides are prepared to share their knowledge and their passion for nature through authentic traveling experiences along the most interesting regions of the south of South America.

We also offer tailor made tours. Contact us and we will be pleased to provide all the information and ideas to organize your trip according to your interests.

BirdsChile, since 2009

Why travel with BirdsChile

  • Professional naturalist guides: we only work with local guides and trip leaders who can share their vast knowledge of local nature, history and culture providing a meaningful experience.

  • We go off the beaten path to take you to the best locations. Our trails are carefully picked and tours meticulously designed.

  • Small groups, better personalized service that allows flexibility and personal care for each of our guests.

  • Window seat guaranteed on birding programs for each traveler.
  • High quality equipment, check lists, books and field-guides available on each tour. Complete documentation prior your departure and during the tour.

  • Truly responsible tourism with absolute commitment to conservation and constant support to local communities.

Our commitment

All our programs follow the mission of our Conservation Through Traveling (CTT) Project, that supports local communities and entrepreneurs in order to transform tourism in the most efficient way to encourage wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

We strongly believe that locals must be the first travelers of their own destination: through our voluntary work with the local communities and schools we promote a responsible and sustainable use of our natural resources.

BirdsChile is a company registered at the Chilean Bureau of Tourism with the Lic. Nr. 6429, member of Adventure Travel Trade Association, Chilean Tourism Network and Tourism Corporation of Puerto Varas.

In 2016 we were awarded as the Most Sustainable Tour Company of Chile, in 2017 we received the “S” seal of Sustainability with maximum score, the Quality seal of Sernatur and we became a Certified B Corporation.

Our Team

Raffaele Di Biase
Raffaele Di BiaseFounder of BirdsChile
Founder of BirdsChile, Raffaele is a naturalist guide with 15 years of experience leading groups through different destinations of South America, from the jungles of Brazil to the white continent of Antartica. He is a top-notch birder and involved in different conservation projects and educational programs with local communities at the Lake District region, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Author of the first pocket guide of Birds of The Lake District and the Island of Chiloé. Raffaele lived many years in Europe and speaks fluently English, Spanish and Italian.
 He was for 4 years president of the Tour Guide Association and currently is part of the board of directors. He likes to play football, travel with his family, play with his daughters, photography, cooking and of course…birding.
Teresa Montes
Teresa MontesCo-founder
Teresa has been part of BirdsChile since its inception. She is in charge of the executive management of the company.

With a life history very close to the nature of Chile, she developed the BirdsChile Nature Store in Puerto Varas.

She loves to read, walk in the woods, be with her family, travel and study history and art theory.

Josefina Cuevas
Josefina CuevasSales & Reservations
Josefina has a degree in Ecotourism Administration, and 7 years of experience working in different areas of tourism, including guiding, operations, and trading. She dedicated many years to work as ski instructor in resorts in USA, California and Chile and adaptive ski with Andes Magico foundation in Chile.
She enjoys outdoors and being active and is always willing to learn something new. Josefina believes ecotourism is the best tool for the conservation of the natural areas and the biodiversity of Chile, and she feels very committed to this.
Vanessa Maldonado
Vanessa MaldonadoNature Store
Vanessa has a degree in Natural Therapies. Born and raised in the Lakes region, she loves sports and hiking in the temperate rainforest. She enjoys travelling along the continent every winter to get to know different cultures and traditions.

Since 2017 she has comitted herself to BirdsChile’s mission “To know to conserve”, receiving visitors and clients in our Nature Store.

Marcela Ibieta
Marcela IbietaNaturalist Guide
Marcela is a naturalist guide with more than 15 years of experience and part of BirdsChile since 2009. A great birding guide, she also has a wide knowledge of the rich Chilean flora.
 She guides expeditions from the dry desert of Atacama to the windy region of Tierra del Fuego. She spent some time living in Australia, where she studied its rich biodiversity. Marcela lives in Puerto Montt with her son. She loves climbing, permaculture, photography and birding.
Isabel Vergara
Isabel VergaraNaturalist Guide
Isabel is our expert guide in flora and an enthusiast hiker. Isabel travelled widely through Central America and worked as a guide for many years in one of the 8th Natural Wonders of the World: Torres del Paine National Park. Her passion for nature keeps her busy studying and improving her skills and knowledge about the Chilean natural history. Isabel is also involved in local campaigns of environmental education. She lives in Puerto Varas with her family. 
Natalia Montes
Natalia MontesNaturalist Guide
 Natalia grew up in a very close relation to nature, mountaineering and outdoor activities. Graduated in Fine Arts in Santiago. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.
For the last 6 years she has been dedicated to trekking deep southern Patagonia, mesmerized by the sights and inclement weather. Natalia guides groups through Magallanes mountains and steppes in search of birds and glaciers. Natalia practices many hobbies in these areas, like rock climbing and sea kayaking. She also investigates the healing properties of patagonian flowers, as a complementary natural therapy. As an artist she has developed a fascination for photography and uses her shots of birds and flowers as a reference for her watercolors. 
Carolina Yañez
Carolina YañezNaturalist & Birding Guide
 Carolina is a marine biologist with more than 6 years of experience leading birding tours. Very passionate for nature in general, she loves to teach and show the wonders of Chile to everyone. She is also involved in different projects and organizations that protect marine otters and chilean biodiversity. Full with energy and very curious, Carolina is always looking for different ways to develop environmental education programs for all ages, she strongly belives that is the best way to protect our natural areas. Her speciality is the central area of Chile, she currently lives in Viña del Mar.
Carlo Montalbetti
Carlo MontalbettiNaturalist Guide
Carlo is a naturalist guide specialized in birding tours with also a wide knowledge of local culture and history. He travelled widely through Europe and lived for several years in the archipelago of Juan Fernández, where he was able to study closely the endemic Juan Fernández Firecrown and the very unique flora of the area. He is one of the directors of the local tour guide association. He loves to travel, birding and spend time with his family.
Luis Felipe Diez
Luis Felipe DiezNaturalist Guide
Felipe is a naturalist guide with 10 years of experience in different places throughout Chile. He worked in Atacama Desert, Central Andes and the Lake District. He is passionate about nature, specially birds. He speaks English, Spanish and French.

Felipe loves travelling and between 2016 and 2017 he travelled around the world visiting 20 countries, in Oceania, Asia and Europe. Now he is back in Puerto Varas, the place he wants to settle down.