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Chiloé on Darwin’s Steps, 4 days

Chiloé on Darwin's Steps Join us in this unique and comprehensive journey to the island of Chiloé, discovering trails off the beaten path to get a real local and naturalist experience. The island is the land of myths,local communities, fishermen villages and ancient traditions. Through this 4 days experience we  will deeply explore the culture

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A Naturalist Expedition to the Southern Fjords, 4 days

A Naturalist Expedition To The Southern Fjords This specially designed adventure takes you to the spectacular fjords of the Lake District region on a private boat, The Alba, built by the expert hands of the Chiloé carpenters. This itinerary covers the untamed areas of the Palena province which is full of exuberant forests, waterfalls and

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Pacific Coast and La Campana Natl. Park

Pacific Coast & La Campana Natl. Park Birds of Central Chile La Campana Natl. Park is strategically located in the Coastal Mountain range of Central Chile. The very diverse gradient of flora gives us the perfect conditions to spend a day looking for some of the Chilean endemics as the Moustached Turca, Chilean Tinamou,

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Lake District, Chiloé & Patagonia Park, 10 days

Lake District, Chiloé & Patagonia ParkThis is a very diverse and complete program designed to enjoy the natural treasures of the Lake District and the Aysén Region with the recently open Patagonia Park, a conservation and National Park located in the Andean range of the unexplored Aysén región. Book now! Destination: Lake District, Chile Organized

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The Andes near Santiago

The Andean mountains near Santiago Our destination is the Andean range near the city of Santiago de Chile, the capital and largest city of the country. During this tour, we'll explore the Natural Sanctuary of Yerba Loca. Then, we'll continue going higher up to reach the areas of Farellones and Valle Nevado. This is

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North of Chile and The Altiplano, 5 days

North of Chile and The Altiplano This unique program explores the driest region on earth. A very diverse array of birds inhabit the Pacific Coast and high plateau of the Andean range. This is home to specialties such as the Giant Coot, Puna, James and Chilean Flamingo, Oasis Hummingbird and the threatened and tame

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Half Day Birding & Walking, Lake District

Half Day Birding & Walking A truly comprehensive 5-hour tour Join our team of expert birding guides in areas located very close to the quaint town of Puerto Varas. Our birding day will start at sunrise exploring the area around the Maullín River. Look out for the Grassland Yellow-finch, Ringed Kingfisher, raptors and the

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A day in Huilliche territory

A day in Huilliche territory An immersion in the local culture This unique adventure will take you to one of the most unknown corners of the Lake District. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the local Huilliche culture and the wild and windy coasts of the south Pacific Ocean. This is

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