Birding Chiloe, 2 Days

An adventure in the north of Chiloé island

An adventure in the north of Chiloé Island that begins early in the morning visiting the Caulín bay, a Bird´s Sanctuary with a lot of coastal and land birds. We will then navigate to see the Penguin Colony in Puñihuil, with two species of penguins that have their breeding spring-summer colony in the island: the Magellanic and the Humboldt penguins.

The next morning, our first step will be the navigation of a wide, quiet and unspoiled river –with wetland characteristics- searching for its wildlife. A one hour trip will take us to a little lagoon full of birds and different kinds of ducks. Once there we’ll have time to observe and take photographs in complete silence. But birds are also along the river, on the shore, inside the native forest, in little beaches and between the death trees of the sunken forest.

On the way back we’ll search for the “Huillín” (Lontra provocax), a river otter that lives in this quiet environment. A home-hosted lunch will be prepared after the navigation, to complete the experience interacting with a local family. After lunch we’ll head back to Puerto Varas.

Destination: Caulín, Penguin Colony and Chepu River, Chiloé Island.
Length: 2 days, 1 night
Difficulty Level: Low
Guide: Bilingual guide specialized in birdlife
– Visit to Caulín Bird Sanctuary
– Navigation to the Penguin Colony in Puñihuil
– Overnight at Ancud
– Navigation through the river and the sunken forest
– Bird watching
– Photo opportunity
Magellanic Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, Des Mur´s Wiretail, Thorn-tailed Rayadito, Chucao Tapaculo, Tufted-tit Tyrant, Rock Shag, Imperial Cormorant, Red-legged Cormorant, Black Skimmer, Flightless Steamer Duck, Chiloe Wigeon, Southern Crested Caracara, Slender-billed Parakeet, Seaside Cinclodes, Chilean Mockingbird, Hudsonian Godwit, Pincoya Storm Petrel, Southamerican Tern, Black-necked Swan. Slender-billed Parakeet.
Equipment required: Waterproof clothes and shoes, sunscreen, water protection for your personal equipment (cameras, lens, binoculars, etc.).
Recommendation: A good book and a field guide to bring during your trip in Chile is Alvaro Jaramillo´s Birds of Chile.
Equipment provided: Literature available, bird´s check list, spotting scope, extra binoculars (if required in advance)

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