Hike Alerce Andino

Hike Alerce Andino Interpretative Hike National Park Alerce Andino Alerce Andino National Park is located between mountains, volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean. This full-day excursion will take us along the coast through the beginning of the Carretera Austral. Here, we will hike for approximately 5 hours inside the park, surrounded by the exuberant temperate

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Two volcanoes hike

Hike the Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes This exclusive adventure will take you through a wonderful hike at the foothills of the most active and spectacular volcano in Chile & the Lake District. Witness the effects of a recent eruption and how nature's resiliance. Our expert naturalist guides will take you through the paths of

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Chiloé island, penguins & local culture Full Day

Chiloé Island, penguins and Local Culture An adventure in Northern Chiloé Island Our adventure begins early in the morning crossing the Canal de Chacao, home to different species of birds: swans, petrels, terns, the new specie just named as Pincoya Storm- Petrel, pelicans and many other. Then, the naturalist experience continues along different ecosystems of

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A day in Huilliche territory

A day in Huilliche territory An immersion in the local culture This unique adventure will take you to one of the most unknown corners of the Lake District. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the local Huilliche culture and the wild and windy coasts of the south Pacific Ocean. This is

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Duhatao-Chepu Hike

Duhatao-Chepu Hike This path is part of Sendero de Chile hiking routes. The excursion Duhatao-Chepu starts at the trailhead in the bay of Duhatao. It takes about 5 hours hiking from north to south through the forest and along the beach, before reaching the mouth of Chepu river. It is an unforgettable experience where

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Hike Paso Desolación

Hike Paso Desolación Paso Desolación: Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park This active hike covers a large and scenic section of the Park Vicente Pérez Rosales. This Park was the first that ever opened in Chile, in 1926. Paso Desolación is a 12 km. path on the east face of the Osorno volcano, which offers stunning

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Hike El Solitario

Hike El Solitario Exploring the Osorno Volcano This excursion on El Solitario path gives a very comprehensive view of a large section of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. It is a full-day naturalist adventure that will take us from the turquoise waters of the river Petrohué and its lava formed waterfalls, to the slopes

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