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Birding Tierra del Fuego & Patagonia, 5 days

Birding Tierra del Fuego & South PatagoniaSouth Patagonia is the last frontier of the American continent. A land of wind, wilderness and stunning landscapes. During this complete and comprehensive journey we will have the chance to spot from sea birds as the Black-browed Albatross and the Antarctic Giant Petrel, to endangered waterfowl as the Ruddy-headed

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Birding the Magellan Strait

Birding the Magellan Strait A day exploring the legendary and reach waters of the Strait of Magellan moving first south to San Juan Bay and then north-east to cover not only the shore where te Atlantic meets the Pacific Ocean, but also having an exhaustive and complete scanning of all the freshwater ponds, wetlands

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Birds of Chile, from desert to ice, 21 days

Birds of Chile, 21 days From desert to ice Get on board this comprehensive birding expedition that will guide you through diverse and breath-taking landscapes of this long and narrow country, Chile. The itinerary is carefully designed for a full immersion in the birdlife of this country, visiting a wide range of habitats from the

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