Chiloé on Darwin’s Steps

Join us in this unique and comprehensive journey to the island of Chiloé, discovering trails off the beaten path to get a real local and naturalist experience. The island is the land of myths,local communities, fishermen villages and ancient traditions. Through this 4 days experience we  will deeply explore the culture and the nature of the island sharing time with locals, hiking through wild paths, navigating the Pacific Ocean and learning about the culture of a remote land in a remote country.

Destination: Chiloe Island
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Level of Difficulty: Low
Guide: Profesional Bilingual Guide with WFR
– Puñihuil Penguins Colony Sailing
– Caulín Bay Visit: Birds Sanctuary
– Chepu River sailing
– Ancud walking tour
– Castro, Dalcahue, Quinchao, Achao, Tenaún, Nercón and Vilipulli
– Visit 7 churches World Heritage sites by Unesco
– Hikes
– Local Culture total Inmersion