Wine & Feathers

Birding, wine tasting and photography in Central Chile

5 days / 4 nights
Start / End: Santiago

An exclusive itinerary to enjoy the world-famous Chilean wines and great scenarios for a comprehensive search for the birds of Central Chile. Between a glass of Carmenere in the fertile valleys at the foothill of the Andes or near the Pacific coast, we will be also looking for specialties and endemics of Chile. The diversity of the country is reflected in our birds and in our wine, giving us the unique chance to enjoy the flight of Andean Condors, Albatrosses and native passerines while we share the taste and quality of the Chilean musts. We will cross a wide array of ecosystems, from the high altitude home of the Diameded Sandpiper-plover to the rich Humboldt current, passing through marshes, valleys and sclerophyll mediterranean-like forests where endemics as the White-throated Tapaculo and the Moustached Turca will be our targets among many other birds species associated to these habitats.